Wastewater Site Assessment and Disposal Design

We specialise in wastewater disposal design and reporting to aid people located in rural areas, who do not have access to the sewerage network of a larger community.

We have extensive experience site assessment and design of wastewater disposal to local council and Queensland requirements. We specialize in efficient and cost effective design of wastewater  disposal. The services we can offer are as follows:-

  • Site assessment, wastewater design and reporting for SEQ and Northern NSW
  • Field Soil Percolation Testing
  • Design of Septic Trenches
  • Spray Irrigation Design
  • Subsurface Irrigation Design
  • Reed Bed Design
  • Mound Disposal Design
  • Design of “On-Site Sewage Facilities” to AS1547- 2000 and Qld Plumbing Code
  • Form 8 Certification
  • Specialize in Brisbane City Council Wastewater Disposal Design